Interactive Media graduates will leave Elon prepared to be innovators and leaders in all manner of communications careers. Whether you want to build multimedia content or research audience response or manage multimedia projects, Elon provides the skills, ingenuity and creative spark to achieve your professional goals.

Read below to sample some the range of career opportunities available to those with interactive media expertise:

  • Create multimedia content for magazines, newspapers, TV stations and other media outlets
  • Manage interactive media-based customer outreach for service-oriented companies such as Target, Hallmark and Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Plan and produce interactive media ads for major media networks such as Google, Yahoo and Netscape
  • Dig deeper into audience analysis as you help companies such as Hearst Interactive or the Nielsen ratings company understand the interactive audience
  • Work with a host of clients on web-based development and programming

The advent of the Internet and related digital technologies for content distribution are having an ongoing impact on the way we communicate. All areas of media (print, broadcast, strategic communications, cinema) are wrestling with the reinvention of products for digital delivery.

With these changes comes the significant demand for media professionals who can think strategically and produce content through digital technology.

The Interactive Media program will provide socially conscious, strategically thinking, and technically competent Elon graduates.