January is different at Elon. Interactive Media graduate students spend the month working on a team project for the public good, which includes a domestic or international trip to collect audio and video content.

During Winter Term, students have worked in the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Mexico, Iceland, Ecuador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Guatemala, and Panama. Interactive content and websites are produced to help nonprofit organizations build community recognition, increase volunteer efforts and boost fundraising.

Class of 2020 Projects

The Afro-Atenas Project

The Afro-Atenas Project | Website

The Afro-Atenas project team worked throughout the city and Province of Matanzas to meet with prominent figures in the Afro-Cuban religion and culture. Their interactive site takes you through the history of the Afro-Cuban religion through dance, art, and tradition.

Arte de la Finca

Arte de la Finca | Website

One of our two groups that traveled to Cuba created an interactive storytelling site for a farm in Cuba called La Finca Coincidencia. On this farm, ceramic art and sustainable farming practices coexist. The project includes photos and videos that capture the life and mission of H├ęctor Correa and his family as they live and work on their farm.

Longo Mai, Costa Rica

Longo Mai | Website

Our Costa Rica team worked with the Longo-Mai community situated three hours outside of San Jose. The community started as refugees escaping war-torn parts of Central America, but is now a cooperative that is heavily involved in environmentalism, research, and eco-tourism. This group of Elon students travelled to the community to collect content and rebrand their organization with a modern website that promotes tourism to the area and the organization as a whole.

Bermuda Heart Foundation

Bermuda Heart Foundation | Website

Team Bermuda worked with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to rebrand, redesign and further their mission of promoting heart-healthy lifestyles.