Producing Valued Interns

Supervisors always complement School of Communications students on their ability to work and react in any work environment. Below is a sampling of supervisor comments about our interns. (The students’ names have been omitted.)

[The student] was excellent this spring. Please continue to send me your communications students – they are among the best we’ve had here at the Arts Council.

— Alamance Arts Council

[The student’s] gone well beyond the expectations of the program (which normally focuses on data visualization tasks/knowledge, all of which he excelled at) by also writing some long-form content. That includes one Sunday print byline that has run and one that is (tentatively) scheduled to run this coming weekend.

— The Baltimore Sun

[The student] is conscientious, attentive, eager and appreciative. He effectively absorbs information, follows direction, and knows when to ask for clarification. He has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to have on the team. We would be more than happy to welcome him back for a permanent position should there be an opening next year.

— Ogilvy Common Health

[The student’s] greatest strength is his intellect. As a smart, hardworking intern, word of [the student’s] strong work quickly spread around our office. From Vice Presidents to Asst. Account Executives, all were impressed by his work. His willingness to learn about the media/pitching process was also noted. [The student] did a great job during his first few rounds of media outreach, even landing a placement on

— Brian Communications

[The student] pays great attention to detail and is very dedicated to ensuring that any task she was given was handled completely and competently. She is highly responsible and dependable, as well as is a delight to be around. I would love to have 2 or 3 more [similar students] here.

— Crisp Video Group

[The student’s] professionalism and strong presentation skills are worth highlighting. [The student] presented on behalf of our practice in front of approximately 150 colleagues at an All-Staff meeting last month — an audience that included our CEO and regional president. We are very appreciative of [the student’s] contributions and have encouraged him to stay in touch with us over the coming year.

— Fleishman Hillard

[The student] was a clear leader in our internship program. She showed initiative and confidence when taking on new projects. She was reliable, showed good integrity and attention to detail. We were so happy to have her as part of our team for the summer.

— Hearst Corporation – Esquire Magazine

[The student] is very computer savvy and able to adapt to different editing platforms organically. His willingness to explore each component in getting a product from concept, through completion and onto the air is commendable.

— WFLA News Channel 8 – Tampa Bay, Florida

[The student] has fantastic work ethic. Anytime we gave her weekend TV opportunities to attend or assist in specials events after work hours, she was always one of the first interns to volunteer. Her positive attitude hasn’t gone unnoticed and she has been a wonderful asset to our team this summer.

— Profiles, Inc.

[The student] was eager to learn and jump into web. The first day [the student] was in the web department we took a ‘field trip’ to gather race content for web. She took photos and created her first gallery. She learned about the website quickly and always asked what she could do for web.


[The student] is a hard worker who is quite quick to grasp new concepts, and he clearly revels in challenges. He has a firm grasp of statistics, and he clearly wants to continue to improve his skills — something sometimes lacking in even professional reporters. [The student] has shown that he can quickly and adeptly grasp the skills needed to complete most common newspaper graphic production and data presentation tasks on deadline. His use of spreadsheet, GIS and scraping tools for data analysis was among the best I’ve seen by someone at this stage in a reporting career …

— The Baltimore Sun

[The student] effectively analyzed competitive social media activity and made very astute and creative recommendations to improve our program. This work also led to the creation of the company’s first social/guerilla campaign which [the student] developed and is managing now.

— Spindrift Beverage Company