Photo of Katherine WadeKatherine Wade ’14

Senior Analyst, ESP Properties

ESP Properties logoKatherine Wade ’14 praises the Sport Management Department for providing her with the tools to decide her own future.

“The program helped me the most by introducing me to different areas in the sport and event industry and determining what interested me and what didn’t,” she says. “Each class allowed me to explore areas of the industry that I might not have considered and develop interests I didn’t have freshman year.”

Through the department and her internship, Wade was introduced to the sport and entertainment sponsorship industry, which ultimately led to her current position as a senior analyst for ESP Properties.

Wade’s career path began with an internship she landed thanks to a connection she made with a former SPT student.

“The biggest piece of advice I can give to current students is to take advantage of the Elon alumni network because you never know what doors it may open,” she says. “This connection opened the door to a summer internship my junior year and then a job offer when I graduated, at the company I still work for.”

Students should also look for ways to differentiate themselves in the job market, Wade explains, and that begins with gaining as much hands-on experience as possible, whether it’s through classwork or internships.

“Everyone going into this industry is a sports and entertainment fan,” she says. “Whatever you can do from the beginning to help get first-hand experience and build your resume will help.”

Photo of Nick StringfellowNick Stringfellow ’15

Account Representative, Ripken BaseballRipken Baseball logo

Nick Stringfellow ’15 challenges students to take advantage of any and all opportunities on campus, leveraging the relationships you build in the Elon community. This technique enabled Stringfellow to continually build his resume before having to search for his first job.

Not only did Stringfellow have experiences outside of the classroom that helped led him to his current position with Ripken Baseball, but he also made a number of meaningful relationships and contacts during his time on campus with advisers, faculty and staff.

“The Elon SPT Department encouraged me to take on new opportunities,” says Stringfellow. “I was able to take advantage of internship and volunteer experiences on campus with our incredible SPT faculty, which allowed me to build a resume before beginning to search on the outside. I am so happy to have built a strong relationship with each of the faculty members individually to the point where I could rely on them all to give me honest feedback and advice with their own unique perspective.”

Stringfellow recommends that students not overlook volunteer work on a weeknight or an internship to work on the weekends because these experiences will pay off later.

Written by Sophie Kane ’17

Photo of Krista Bye-NagelKrista Bye-Nagel ’14

Business Analytics Resident, Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning logoKrista Bye-Nagel ’14 credits her graduate school acceptance, and her subsequent job placement, to the sport management program at Elon.

“Elon prepared me extremely well for my career after college. My classes were challenging and engaging; with professors who were knowledgeable and enthusiastic on their subject,” says Bye-Nagel. “You are pushed to the limit by challenging coursework but are supported by professors willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.”

When asked what advice she would give to a student in the program today, Krista says, “I would highly recommend cultivating personal relationships with professors as they are well-equipped to help you achieve your goals and will do everything they can to help you succeed.”

Bye-Nagel attributes her post-grad successes to the assistance and advice she received from her professors in the Department of Sport Management.

Her career preparation began while she was still on campus, working with the Elon athletic department. She credits her early professional experience for helping her decide what career she wanted to pursue after graduation.

Written by Sophie Kane ’17

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