Center for Design Thinking

Position Title: Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Designed Thinking

Department: Center for Design Thinking (Provost/Academic Affairs)

Key Responsibilities:

Design Thinking is a method and set of tools for helping students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community inclusively frame and explore wicked problems, creatively generate options, and prototype viable and resilient responses.

Supervise the Catalyst Team of 10-20 student leaders; create and facilitate design workshops; lead and assess on-campus and community-based Design Thinking projects; oversee Center operations (scheduling, social media, marketing); co-teach “Pathways to Design Thinking”; assist Director with cross-institutional research on the study of design thinking; present or support professional association presentations and articles.

Career Options: Design and Design Thinking Administration, Student Success & Support Services, Event planning and management, Experiential Education Programs, Outreach Coordinator, Peer Education Programs

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