EIM-OC Student Leaders

Student leaders are an integral part of the EIM-OC leadership team and represent the student voice on campus. T

hey are the champions of the EIM-OC movement! Student leaders are role models to others around them, passionately promoting physical activity to their peers. Student leaders wear many hats, though their primary responsibilities are to help design and lead awareness campaigns and events, as well as to participate in community outreach programs, both within the Elon community and the surrounding areas. Student leaders may also be involved with EIM-related research focused on the assessment and promotion of physical activity at Elon.

My name is Demaya, I’m a junior at Elon. I major in psychology with minors in neuroscience and exercise science. To me, exercising is kind of my escape. I love the way my body, mind, and soul feel when I exercise and that’s a feeling I want others to achieve as well. One tip to staying active is to not overwork yourself.  Take your time, learn your body and how to successfully stay active- whatever that means for you and then slowly build-up.


Hello! My name is Brittney Hope and I am a third-year exercise science major with minors in biology and psychology. I am currently a co vice-president of programming in the Exercise Science Society, and I am involved with this initiative to analyze and put together ways for Elon’s campus to remain active during the semester! A tip I have for staying active is to stretch in the morning time and to take advantage of Elon’s group exercise classes!


My name is Sage DeBiasi and I am a sophomore at Elon University majoring in exercise science. I find exercise, not just physical, but mental in my everyday life. Especially at college where there is a lot of sitting around studying, in class, or in bed I believe everyone should try to get some sort of physical activity a few days a week even if that means going for a long walk. I take advantage of the school’s workout classes and gym that come with your tuition.


My name is Amelia Arcaro-Burbridge and I am a senior communication design major with a sociology minor from North Carolina. A retired multi-sport athlete, I found my home at the gym in college where I was able to continue pursuing my passion for fitness. My favorite way to stay active is by strength training and riding my longboard around campus. Health tip: Don’t be afraid of working out on wheels! Rollerblading and skateboarding outside is a fun way to get your cardio in to keep your heart healthy in addition to the time you spend in the gym.