Six Dimensions of Wellness

The purpose of the wellness model is to show that wellness is multi-dimensional. It is used as a tool to assess the different areas in your life that impact your overall well-being. The model is not used as a “checklist” in which you cross off what you have accomplished. Wellness is a journey, with many different paths.

There are many different wellness models used in the health promotion field. Elon created their own model, but by looking at the tab for each individual dimension, you can find additional resources from the model supported by the National Wellness Institute.

Community Wellness

The sense of engagement you have with the areas where you live, liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community. Having ownership in contributing to a climate where each of us can thrive. Learn more.


Emotional Wellness

Having resilience, grit and the mental capacity to both thrive and contribute your personal growth. Feeling safe, supported, and mentally well. Having the ability to identify your own emotions, understand their value and regulate them. Learn more.


Financial Wellness

Having supports help you plan for financial security so you can effectively manage your economic life to reduce stress and increase security. This includes career planning and occupational well-being. Learn more.


Physical Wellness

Having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis. Having resources and motivation to care for our physical self. Learn more.


Purpose Wellness

This includes fulfillment, spiritual meaning, and identity development. It entails what you do each day, feeling secure in who you are, and being motivated to achieve your goals. Learn more.


Social Wellness

Having strong and supportive relationships in your life that value who you are and what you contribute. Having a mutual responsibility to give space for each individual to achieve the same. Learn more.