Community Wellness

Community wellness is the sense of engagement and connection one has with where they live and a feeling of both safety and pride in one’s community. Striving for wellness in this dimension involves connecting with groups (formal and informal), as well as the Elon community as a whole. Strong community wellness means one takes ownership of their own wellness and contributes to the wellness of others.

Elon formed this dimension from the “Social” dimension to emphasize the importance of society, environments, and building a safe and constructive living space and community (National Wellness Institute).

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We have collected resources that can help you improve mindfulness in the community dimension.

Unplugged Challenge

Try “unplugging” from technology for short periods at a time. It is good to set limits as well, turning off technology at 11PM, and not turning it on before 7AM.

Mindful Eating

6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

Mindless Eating Mindful Eating
Eating past full and ignoring your body’s signals Listening to your body and stopping when you’re full
Eating when emotions tell us to eat (i.e., sad, bored, lonely) Eating when our bodies tell us to eat (i.e., stomach growling, energy low)
Eating alone, at random times and places Eating with others, at set times and places
Eating foods that are emotionally comforting Eating foods that are nutritionally healthy
Eating and multitasking When eating, just eating
Considering a meal an end product Considering where food comes from


These organizations on Elon’s campus are purposeful in their integration of mindfulness and wellness in their missions and outcomes.

Elon Volunteers!

Elon Volunteers! (EV!) exists to provide all members of the Elon University campus the opportunity to develop an ethic of service by connecting campus and community through service experiences.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks are immersive service experiences designed to introduce students to new communities while working to address pressing domestic and global social issues. Participating in an Alternative Break is a great way to get to know other students, make a positive impact, and have a meaningful fall or spring break!

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity at Elon University works in affiliation with Habitat for Humanity of Alamance County to raise awareness of housing insecurity and work towards providing affordable housing in Alamance County. Together, we strive to achieve Habitat for Humanity International’s vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live. And mission: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Campus Kitchen

The Campus Kitchen at Elon University (CKEU) is an on-campus service opportunity through the Kernodle Center for Civic Life. CKEU collects unused and unserved food from community partners, including Elon Dining Services, while engaging students, faculty and staff as volunteers who prepare and deliver the meals to those in need in the Burlington community.


ELOA (Experiential Learning and Outdoor Activities) programs aid students in forming authentic relationships with themselves, each other, and the natural world through opportunities for challenge, growth, reflection, and learning within an inclusive and welcoming environment.

ELOA achieves this goal through adventure-based educational programs that focus on developing holistic wellness, teaching transferable skills, fostering leadership development, and inspiring active citizens and lifelong learners.