Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness involves resilience, grit, and the mental capacity to both thrive and contribute to one’s own personal growth. Striving for wellness in this dimension involves identifying personal emotions, understanding their value, and regulating them constructively. Mindfulness in the emotional dimension is experiencing all emotions, recognizing which emotions you are experiencing, and responding to those emotions appropriately.

Awareness in thoughts and feelings of ourselves and others enables choices to be made mindfully. Mindfulness in decision making favors a holistic way of thinking. Recognizing awareness and acceptance supports growth in coping, exploring ourselves, and self-respect (National Wellness Institute).

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We have collected resources that can help you improve mindfulness in the community dimension.

Difficult Emotions Bin

How to Use Mindfulness to Work With Difficult Emotions: A Six Step Process

Through mindfulness you can learn to turn your difficult emotions into your greatest teachers and sources of strength.


This link contains 8 worksheets to help you with reframing. Including 4 steps to reframing work, Cognitive restructuring work, Cognitive restructuring choosing a positive attitude, Where do i feel, Positive thought replacement work, Reframing childrens behaviors, Reframing activity, Reframing your thinking.


These organizations on Elon’s campus are purposeful in their integration of mindfulness and wellness in their missions and outcomes.

Active Minds

Active Minds is a student-led advocacy organization, which strives to break the stigma surrounding mental illness through education, programs, and events!

Best Life (Health and Wellness) SDLC

The purpose of the Best Life: Health & Wellness Student Directed Learning Community (SDLC) is to promote a balance between mental and physical health within the SDLC and in the larger neighborhood in which the SDLC is located. Community members will promote active and healthy living by using their various talents and passions to ensure we are living our best lives through weekly meetings on various topics, participation in health and wellness activities and supporting campus initiatives. We hope our SDLC will start to transform our campus to one where students take time to promote general well-being and care.


DMAX Clubs help students combat the stress and challenges of college by having conversations that matter about mental health. Our motto is “Friends helping Friends.”  We share food and activities, and we work closely with counseling services.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services advances the educational mission of Elon University by providing quality psychological interventions, outreach, and consultation services to address the emotional, social, and academic needs of Elon University students.

Contact Us

Phone: (336) 278-7280

Office Location: Suite 104, R.N. Ellington Center for Health & Wellness on south campus at 301 S O’Kelly Avenue. Enter through the second door from the South parking lot, just past Student Health Services. The Counseling Services check-in will be at the desk to your right when you enter.

Mailing Address: Campus Box 2040, Elon, NC 27244-2040