Physical Wellness

Physical wellness includes health, physical ability, exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Striving for wellness in this dimension includes eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, and access to resources that contribute to physical health. Strong physical wellness means one has the energy necessary to live a full and engaging life. Being mindful in the physical dimension is being aware of how our body feels and giving it attention when not performing optimally.

Regular physical activity and consciousness of consumption through nutrition allows for a focus on physical self-care. Having an appreciation for the body and how it performs plays a psychological role in self-esteem and motivation (National Wellness Institute).

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We have collected resources that can help you improve mindfulness in the community dimension.

Yoga Routine

Learn about different yoga routines here.

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Alcohol & Drug Use

Resources for alcohol and drug use.

Body Scan


These organizations on Elon’s campus are purposeful in their integration of mindfulness and wellness in their missions and outcomes.

Elon Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Elon Fellowship of Christian Athletes believes the Gospel is the God-breathed Word of God and that God uses the Bible to speak to us in our everyday lives. First and foremost, we encourage everyone to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus and we believe this leads to deeper relationships with other people. We use athletics to bring people together, but we are not only for athletes. Everyone loves competition, or doing something (literally anything) active, so you’re an athlete and you’re welcome.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation & Wellness provides a variety of recreational and educational facilities, programs, and services across five programmatic areas designed to help students, faculty, and staff be well and live their best lives. The programmatic areas are Facilities, Student Wellness Programs, Fitness Programs, Sport Programs, and Experiential Learning & Outdoor Adventures. Check out the website, call us at 336-278-7529, or email us at to learn more about all the ways to get active and be well this year!