Social Wellness

Social wellness involves authentic interpersonal relationships. Striving for wellness in this dimension includes connecting with individuals in a way that is deep and meaningful. Strong social wellness means one has strong, supportive, interdependent relationships where each person genuinely cares for the other. Mindfulness in the social dimension is about the quality of relationships, not the quantity.

As humans, we have interdependence in our communities. By working to have healthy connections and communication, we enhance friendships and relationships that are vital to our Social Wellness (National Wellness Institute).

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We have collected resources that can help you improve mindfulness in the social dimension.

Active Listening

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Communication Skills

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Social Assessment

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These organizations on Elon’s campus are purposeful in their integration of mindfulness and wellness in their missions and outcomes.

Elon Greek Life

The fraternity and sorority community at Elon has enhanced the lives of thousands of men and women. While our groups support different philanthropies and causes, and have different histories and traditions, all of our fraternities and sororities support the following:

  • a lifetime of brotherhood or sisterhood
  • high scholastic goals
  • service to the community
  • leadership on campus and beyond
  • and the betterment of individuals.

Student Involvement enhances the Elon experience by connecting the fraternity/sorority community through its foundational principles, serves as guides and advocates for student development, and creates opportunities for personal growth through values-based leadership and engagement.


The purpose of I AM THAT GIRL (IATG): Elon is to provide a space where women can come together to be, love, and express who they are, by working to build tangible community, inspire genuine conversation, and encourage self-confidence. We are a community of women empowering each other to be the best versions of themselves. We meet each week to discuss issues that matter and encourage authenticity and vulnerability.