Wellness Articles

This page contains articles written by students about each dimension of wellness and how you can incorporate them into your life.

What’s More Important to College Students: Mental Health or Technology? by Liddy Custer

Anxiety Among College Students by Lily Marvin

Destigmatizing Mental Illness on Campus: Responsibility of College Administrators by Margaret Astley

Mental Health During COVID-19 at Elon by Zachary Ohmann

Taking Screen Time Out Of Your Nighttime Routine by Isabel Allain and Madison Burrill

3 Ways To Reduce Screen Time by Erin Foley

Limiting Your Screen Time The Easy Way by Michaela Bramwell

Healthy Eating In College by Kara Redcay

Intuitive Eating by Charlotte Prusak

Why Aren’t We Eating by Victoria Marsh

Friend vs. Foe: Mending Your Relationship With Food by Emilia Muniz

How To Get Rid of the STI-Scaries! by Isabella Abdullah and Jillian Eder

Escape the Vape by Katherine Von Stade 

Nicotine Usage Among Elon Students by Jenna Janso

Quit Vaping For The Sake Of Your Own Independence by Bay Shuford and Carly Kleinwaks4 Quick Tips to Put Down the Juul by Allison Goddard
Is CBD Right For You? by Madison StadlerBuzzed? Don’t Drive: Keeping Saturdays at Elon Fun & Safe by Jocelyn Clendening
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Binge Drinking in College by Lily Gorodensky

It’s The Bring That Makes me Cringe. by Mika Sovjani and Sophie Plotkin

What Is Binge Drinking? by Kyle Borgna5 Tips for Higher Quality Sleep – SNORE by Olivia Freeman and Jack Taylor

Stressed About Academic Performance? by Evan Ward  #5 Tips to Help You Deal With School Stress by Kristina Kruk

Physical Wellness

Emotional Wellness 

Love Your Body Week Self-Care During Finals by Natalie Ziemba

Top 4 Myths on Sleep by Sarina Abraham

A Guide To Mindful Exercise by Natalie Ziemba
Dating During COVID-19 by Sarina Abraham

Calmness in the Midst of Chaos- The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling by Katie Murphy

Shifting College Students’ Dining Habits by Kendall Hiti

Don’t Wait, Hydrate! by Maria Benton

SCREENTIME: Bettering your health by just putting your phone down by Claire Smesko

Weapons of Mass Destruction? 4 Ways To Reduce Your Social Media Usage by Anna Diffley

How to Get Better Sleep as a College Student by Amanda Conover

Three Meals a Day Keeps the Doctor Away by Caitlin Hoyt

Medicine vs Mother Nature by Trent Carpenter

Wear Sunscreen Daily by Ava Altenburger

You Have to Eat Well to Be Well by Serena Shah

5 Ways to Improve Your Long-Term Relationship With Money by Hannah Alcock

Learning to Love Your Body by Natalie Ziemba

Benefits of Going Into the Wild and Outside of the Elon Bubble by Madison Foster