We know students and families have questions about the implications of COVID-19 on global programs. We have compiled frequently asked questions and answers below and will be adding to this page moving forward.

In the meantime, for questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact the Global Education Center staff by chatting us from the bottom right corner of your screen (during business hours), by emailing global@elon.edu, or by calling 336-278-6700.

Programs that have been canceled by our on-site partners have an announcement posted to their brochure and application. Students approved for a program that has been canceled have been emailed information on options for next steps, such as switching into an available program, deferring to a later term, or withdrawing their application.

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How can I find specific entry requirements for my program?

The GEC will provide updates as available. At the same time, changes can take place at any time, and it is ultimately the host country immigration officials and/or airline that will be responsible for enforcing regulations. For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended that you follow any updates that you receive from your airline and that you check the embassy site for the country your program starts in.

If you are flying through another country, please look at the transiting rules for that country/airport. In some situations, you may be required to meet that country’s entry requirements as well.

What if I got my vaccine through Elon but lost my card?

Please contact Rhonda Waller, Executive Director of Global Engagement, at rwaller3@elon.edu

How do I handle my pre-departure Covid testing?

If you are required to be tested prior to travel, please reach out to local testing facilities to make plans for pre-departure testing now. The likelihood of a requirement coming into being is high. More details can be found on the Healthy Elon website.

What happens if I contract COVID-19 during the program and I have to quarantine, or I’m hospitalized?

Just as Elon follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), you all will need to adhere to local public health protocols. If you test positive, typically the clinic that has given the test will be in touch with the local health department. Instructions will vary, yet you will normally need to quarantine for anywhere from 6-14 days depending on your location and vaccination status at the time.

If you do need to quarantine, the experience will be similar to what you can except while quarantining at Elon: you will most likely be in a hotel room, someone will be checking in on you regularly via phone, you will have food brought to you, and you will receive additional medical care if you need it. Once your quarantine ends, the GEC will work with faculty and our partners to get you caught up to the group both physically and academically. It will depend on when and where.

Which COVID protocols do I need to follow while abroad?

Each country will be different, and so you will need to follow the guidelines provided by local authorities. In some locations, you will need to provide a Covid vaccination card or electronic pass to enter restaurants, museums, and other buildings. Masking requirements will vary as well. Note that in some countries a regular cloth mask is not deemed sufficient, and gaiters are not accepted in most places; you may need to wear a KN95 or other specific type of mask.

Will all students in the course be vaccinated? Can unvaccinated students travel?

Elon requires all students traveling abroad to provide documentation of being fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization. However, as with on-campus, some students have compelling accommodations (medical, etc.).  As of Dec. 28, 2021, all Elon students traveling for Winter 2022 study away courses have submitted proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The GEC cannot discriminate against medical conditions for some students that causes them to be unable to receive the vaccine.

Will students need to test for COVID prior to travel?

This will depend entirely on the country/itinerary, and may change between now and departure. The GEC will continue to monitor closely and communicate with students. If a test is required, students will be responsible for securing a testing appointment within the timeframe required.

Students returning to the US at the end of the program are required to have a negative COVID test, currently within one day of the return. This will be included in the program itinerary and costs will be covered by the program.

Should I carry my original vaccine card when I travel?

Yes, you may need the original card when traveling. It is recommended that you keep it in a protective sleeve. It is also recommended that you keep an electronic copy of the card, such as with a photo on your phone.

Which applications can be deferred?

Students may defer from a spring or calendar year 2021 program to a fall or academic year 2021 program, or from a summer 2020 to a summer 2021 program.

Students may not defer from a Center, Affiliate or Exchange program to a short-term program. For example, a student may not defer a semester study abroad program to a May Term study abroad course.

How do I defer my application?

Email your deferral request to global@elon.edu or to your GEC program manager.

We will withdraw your current application in order for you to start your new application.

If your deferral request is for the same program (e.g. from the Center in Florence for spring 2021 to the Center in Florence for fall 2021), you are encouraged to copy and paste as much as is relevant from your previous application — no need to rewrite your essay responses from scratch.

You will also need to notify your host program or provider (e.g. CIEE, FIE, University of Haifa, etc.). If you’re not sure how to do that, ask your program manager.

If you’re deferring to a later term AND switching into a different program, it’s easiest to withdraw your current application and start an application for the new program. You are also welcome to borrow from your previous application (e.g. essay responses) where it makes sense.

If I defer my application, is my acceptance guaranteed?

Your application will be prioritized over newly submitted applications, especially in cases where there is limited program availability. Elon has temporarily suspended it’s 80-Elon-student cap on any given location, so limited program availability is only in rare cases when mandated by the host program.

However, as is the case for any global engagement application, if you do not continue to meet eligibility requirements, such as minimum GPA or student conduct requirements, your acceptance may be reversed.

Can I defer my scholarship?

You cannot defer your Elon Global Scholarship (or GEC Access Scholarship). However, given you continue to meet eligibility requirements, please apply again for scholarship consideration so the committee can evaluate your most current financial information.

If you have questions about other scholarships and grants, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you haven’t yet been accepted or approved, you can withdraw directly. Log into MyElonGlobal, and from your applicant homepage, click “withdraw application” from the bottom right side of the application you’d like to withdraw. If you’re not automatically routed to your applicant home when you log in, click the house icon in the top left, and select “applicant home.”

If you’ve been accepted or wait listed for COR 331 Peru: Wilderness and Adventure Therapy, submit the cancelation form.

If you’ve been accepted or wait listed for a Winter Term 2021 program, the GEC will be contacting you in October to see if you’d be interested in a May Term 2021 program. If you decline, your application will be withdrawn.

If you’ve been accepted, approved or wait listed for any other program (e.g. a semester program), email your program manager or global@elon.edu.

When is the last day to withdraw without financial consequences?

In the event that the program is cancelled either by Elon or the program provider, the University will make every reasonable effort to refund any portion paid by the student less any expenses incurred by the University up to the date of cancellation.

Spring 2021: Cancelation and refund timelines are set program by program in order to maximize a student’s opportunity to withdraw without penalty. Students were emailed their program’s dates and deadlines by their GEC program manager in October. Email your GEC program manager or global@elon.edu with questions.

May Term 2021: Feb. 5. For cancelation penalties that follow, see the May Term 2021 deadlines.

Summer 2021: Study USA: Mar. 12. Study Abroad: Apr. 16 for most — for details and exceptions, see the summer 2021 deadlines.

Fall 2021: Apr. 16 for most — for details and exceptions, see the fall 2021 deadlines.

Reference documents

Healthy Commitment and Informed Consent for Global Engagement during COVID-19 – Addendum to Assumption of Risks

Healthy Commitment and Informed Consent for Global Engagement during COVID-19 – Addendum to Student Responsibilities

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Winter 2022

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Spring 2022

Most spring 2022 study abroad and all Study USA programs are operating.

In cases where programs have been canceled, students are notified directly.