Educating the Whole Student

Each residential neighborhood at Elon has established an educational plan that lays the groundwork for supporting the personal, social, and intellectual growth of its students. Each plan articulates the particular theme and focus of the neighborhood and includes learning and developmental outcomes for students associated with the theme, programs, events, and experiences offered in the neighborhood. Each plan also provides details on the projected calendar of events* for a particular year, the structure and membership of the neighborhood association, specific facilities and amenities in the neighborhood, academic and curricular connections, and neighborhood traditions. Each plan is written with the input of the neighborhood association, which includes residents, faculty, and staff affiliated with the neighborhood, and each plan is vetted by the residential campus advisory committee and senior leadership at Elon. Each neighborhood’s plan is a reflection of the mission of Living and Learning at Elon: to integrate students’ academic and residential experiences in order to further their intellectual, personal and community development as lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

*For the most recent listing of events and to review your neighborhood plan, visit your neighborhood’s webpage and check your neighborhood’s social media sites.