Faculty Affiliates Description

In each neighborhood, a Faculty Affiliate is paired with one building so the faculty member may get to know the students who live there in some way.  A Faculty Affiliate is expected to attend or initiate one event/program for those students at least once per semester with the assistance of the lead student Resident Advisor(s) who lives in that building. Additionally, in consultation with the Faculty Director and Community Director of the Neighborhood, the Faculty Affiliate should plan to be present at one other larger neighborhood event per semester, as fits their own interests or those of their students.

The purpose of the Faculty Affiliates program is two-fold: for first-year students, it demystifies the experience of getting to know a faculty member outside of the classroom and introduces students more broadly to Elon’s teacher-scholar-mentor model. For faculty members, participating in the Faculty Affiliate program allows one to serve as a mentor to first-year students, to engage in teaching opportunities outside of the traditional four walls of the classroom, and to introduce a wide range of students to the faculty member’s field of expertise, all while providing valuable service to the university via Elon’s residential campus.

Faculty serving as Faculty Affiliates in residential neighborhoods: