Interfaith House is a learning community designed to bring together students of multiple faith traditions for intentional interaction, programming and dialogue. Residents will learn experientially about a multitude of different religious and philosophical identities and forge mutually inspiring relationships that cross religious boundaries.

Interfaith Living Learning Community Goals

  • To engage religious and spiritual diversity in community. To seek understanding across lines of difference.
  • To deepen and articulate authentic engagement with one’s own path. While simultaneously encountering differing commitments and traditions.
  • To engage intersectionality of difference in sustained dialogue and through service.
  • To build community around mindfulness, interfaith identities, and civic pluralism.
  • To create a tradition of interfaith and mindful practices in residential communities at Elon.


Explore the Interfaith LLC Syllabus.


  • Experience a unique weekend retreat
  • Social and community events
  • Develop skills in facilitating and participating in dialogue
  • Monthly dinners together and with people of different religious and nonreligious traditions

Who will live there?

3rd and 4th year upper class students are equally welcome. The community is open to everyone.

Where is it?

Station at Mill Point

The housing includes:

  • Single bedrooms with individual bathrooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Common Room with Kitchenette

How do I apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the Interfaith House LLC Advisors: