The Leaders in a Global World Living Learning Community (LGW), affiliated with the Center for Leadership is located in the East Neighborhood. The East Neighborhood serves as a residential hub for Civic Engagement and Social Innovation housing over 300 students. Students living in East will gain a greater awareness of social and political issues and engage in programming with faculty and staff to learn skills to be active global citizens and change agents within society. Elon is recognized for its robust curricular and co-curricular experiences that provide students with opportunities to participate in civil discourse, debate, community service and leadership development in order to address the most pressing issues faced by today’s society.

The Leadership in a Global World community offers a unique living and learning environment for Elon University students interested in exploring leadership. LGW residents will begin to examine leadership by exploring themselves within and learning more about the kind of leader they wish to become. Leaders in a Global World creates, cultivates and sustains an atmosphere for leadership exploration in tandem with living in a civically-engaged environment. The LGW community is focused on facilitating interactions between residents with diverse life experiences, backgrounds and worldviews along with fostering the awareness of and appreciation of differences. As a member of the LGW community, you will engage in an exploration of your personal leadership.

Leaders in a Global World Living Learning Community Goals

The Leaders in a Global World Living Learning Community seeks to enhance the experience of students by:

  • Increasing self-awareness through the exploration of values, beliefs, culture and identity.
  • Learning group roles, dynamics and decision-making to function constructively in groups.
  • Building an awareness of leadership issues facing our communities and society.
  • Developing a personal philosophy of leadership.
  • Understanding what it means to be a leader at Elon.
  • Understanding one’s self, those around them and how to be an effective leader while working with others.
  • Developing strategies for implementing leadership concepts on a daily basis.
  • Developing skills for how to create opportunities for themselves and others in areas of interest.
  • Increasing awareness that “I can be A leader without being THE leader.”
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate on issues to achieve civic action.
  • Apply an understanding of leadership to one’s participation in civic engagement activities.


Explore the LGW Syllabus 18-19.


East Residential Neighborhood, is one of the many new residential communities on campus. Amenities include double rooms, study areas and access to a hall kitchen and common space.

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