MENtor LLC is a community of male identified students living in the Station at Mill Point Neighborhood who are committed to building relationship with First-year male students living in Smith Hall.  The LLC members will work directly with faculty and staff members to develop engagement opportunities for all students involved.


  • Building relationships with first-year students
  • Be apart of the inaugural cohort as this community launches in Fall 2020
  • Opportunity to connect first-year students to campus resources and help them become oriented
  • Host on and off-campus engagement opportunities
  • Develop leadership and mentor skills


The Station at Mill Point Neighborhood is a premiere living community on campus for upper class students.  The are 80 with four individual bedrooms and bathrooms, along with a large common area and fully equipped kitchen.  Student living in the Station at Mill Point get access to unique amenities and opportunities to engage with Elon’s commitment to Living and Learning.

How do I apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the MENtors LLC Advisors: