The Multifaith LLC is intended as a space for second and third-year students to engage in an intentional community which centers on multifaith engagement and exploration of religious diversity, sustained dialogue, and promotes inclusive environments at Elon. The floor is open to any student who commits to building relationships with other students from diverse backgrounds, traditions, worldviews, and practices; to exploring how these different identities inform our society; and sharing this with the campus community. All students should apply regardless of their practice of a particular religion, who consider themselves spiritual, and/or identify with a secular worldview. The students in this LLC will have opportunities to wrestle with academic, co-curricular, and social experiences in order to expand their worldview and inform their understanding of what a pluralistic society looks like, how culture and religion inform their experiences, and where they can continue to engage with religious diversity and multifaith work in future programs at Elon or abroad.

Multifaith Living Learning Community Goals

  1. To build community through and within shared experiences, reflection, and skill/ knowledge building even as academic and societal ideas on multifaith work emerge, conflict, and collide
  2. To deepen and articulate authentic engagement with one’s own worldview. While simultaneously encountering differing commitments and traditions.
  3. To engage intersectionality in sustained dialogue and through academic and co-curricular experiences.
  4. To contribute to a tradition of inclusive practices in residential communities at Elon and collaborate with a residential community to ensure multifaith engagement continues to thrive

The Multifaith Floor LLC seeks to engage second and third-year students of diverse backgrounds, traditions, and worldviews who have an interest in understanding multifaith work, interactions amongst religious populations, participating in and facilitating interfaith dialogue, and hope to gain a deeper understanding of where topics such as race, intersectionality, politics, and culture interact with religion in society.


  • Experience a unique weekend retreat off campus and conferences
  • Social and community events
  • Develop skills in facilitating and participating in dialogue
  • Monthly field trips to different sites and restaurants
  • Monthly dinners together and with people of different religious and nonreligious traditions
  • Mentorship opportunities by fourth-year students and LLC advisors

10 Reasons Why the Multifaith Floor LLC is for You!

  1. You enjoy meeting people with views different than your own and share values important to you
  2. You have big dreams of impacting and serving diverse communities in any leadership role
  3. You are interested in figuring out what you believe about the world while exploring history, culture, and building religious literacy skills
  4. You are passionate about social justice
  5. You will go into any role which interacts with religious diversity (which is any role!)
  6. You’d like to get connected to the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life at Elon, but you’re not sure how or where to start
  7. You like to travel
  8. You are either religious or you don’t consider yourself religious
  9. You are spiritual, but not religious
  10. You were in an LLC last year and want to explore more opportunities for service, dialogue, and mentorship

Where is it located?

Global Neighborhood

How do I apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the Interfaith House LLC Advisors: