The Service Learning Community (SLC) is Elon’s oldest learning community and is comprised of 20 first-year students who share a common interest in service learning. There are 3-4 Service Learning Leaders (SLLs) who were members of the floor in their first year. They are there to help guide the SLCers as they explore service and reflection opportunities.

As a member of the SLC, you will be expected to participate in various direct and indirect service projects during the school year. Through these, you will learn about the important social issues that affect our local, national and global communities. You will have the unique opportunity to plan and participate in projects, take leadership positions on campus and in the SLC, and develop deep friendships with fellow students who share your commitment to service!

To prepare for this program, you attend an SLC orientation, which allows you to move into your residence hall a day before other first year students. This unique opportunity allows you to begin the year with a great service project and an immediate family of close friends away from home.

The SLC is a diverse group of people who have different interests, majors, familiarity with service, and much more. Our dynamic community makes the SLC unique to the Elon experience and encourages students to develop personal and organizational ties that will last throughout their time at Elon.


Explore the Service Learning Community Syllabus.


  • Organized service projects with a dedication to learning and growth through reflection
  • Early move-in for a SLC-only orientation
  • Learn transferable skills that will serve you throughout your college experience
  • Live in an awesome, co-ed, residence hall in the Historic Neighborhood
  • Participate in monthly social/ bonding activities such as going to the local farm for pumpkin picking, going to the movies, or attending group dinners
  • Live in a positive social and academic environment
  • An increased awareness of social issues facing local and global communities
  • Deep connection to service organizations and leadership opportunities through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement and Elon Volunteers (EV).
  • Enrollment in a linked COR 110 course with other SLC members


Students must show an interest in and commitment to service and community engagement. Students will be expected to actively participate in service projects and social events.

What is the facility like?

Located on the 1st floor of East C residence hall in the East Neighborhood

How do I apply?

To apply to live in the SLC, visit this page for more information. Please note: you must be an incoming first year student to apply for this LLC.

Commitment to diversity

We are committed to selecting a diverse group of students for the SLC because we believe that it’s through this diversity that we all develop a greater appreciation for our community. For us, a diverse community includes diversity of thought, service experience, gender, socio-economic status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and ability.


Contact the SLC Advisor:

For additional information, visit the SLC webpage on the Kernodle Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement website.