The purpose of the Outdoor Leadership Student Directed Learning Community is to develop the outdoors community at Elon and allow students to live with peers with a like interest in outdoors leadership. It is one thing to be passionate about the outdoors, but to live with others interested in the outdoors and the educational opportunities it presents is a different experience and bond where the community’s members thrive off the interest of one another.  Community members will each engage in the overall experience through activities like hiking, camping, and exploring with our outdoors community. Through these activities we hope to strengthen our relationships with one another as well as our passion with the outdoors.

Where is it located?

The Outdoor Leadership Student Directed Community is located in the Oaks Neighborhood and is open to all class years except first-year students.

Community Goals and Objectives

1.     Personal Discovery

a.     Provide a safe community that encourages members to learn about themselves through exposure to the wondrous great outdoors.

b.     Expose students to situations that allow them to develop greater confidence, a sense of responsibility, and displays our connection to the natural world.

2.     Outdoor Discovery

a.     Seek to venture out into the many public parks and forests that North Carolina provides, noticing what makes each unique.

3.     Community Discovery

a.     Sponsor events for the Elon community that encourage other students to seek outdoor excursions.

b.     Use the unique context of outdoor adventures to encourage communities to develop trust, friendship, respect and teamwork on an accelerated level.

In achieving these goals, it is expected students will learn:

  • A general competence in outdoor living
  • Event planning and interpersonal skills


  • Great skill development on event planning and outdoor living
  • Monthly activities as a group
  • Building lasting friendships


Members of the community are expected to plan and lead one event per year. Meetings will be held one week before the event date to ensure everyone is logistically prepared for the excursions or community event.


The Outdoor Leadership SDLC hopes to host in 4 events per semester. These are weather dependent, as many of the events are outdoor excursions.

How do I apply?

Application is now open and due February 11th at 11:59p.m. Apply here.

Contact information

Student Program Coordinator: Harrison Geho-

Student Program Coordinator: Joshua Cadorette-