The Undergraduate Research Program offers support to students incurring expenses while traveling to professional meetings and conferences. This support is intended to provide students with the opportunity to become actively involved in a professional organization as they pursue graduate studies or other postgraduate plans. Students supported by travel funding are expected to be actively involved in the proceedings of the conference or meeting they choose to attend. Active participation includes making oral presentations, presenting posters or participating on a panel. In fine arts fields, active participation may include performance or exhibition of a new composition.

Students of all majors are eligible for funding. Funds may support registration, travel, hotel and food costs. the typical award ranges between $100 and $500; however, lesser amounts to provide partial funding may be awarded based on the number of applications and other factors. The total amount of funding available for all trips is limited, and when expended, no additional trips can be supported for that academic year. Note that students are only eligible to apply for one travel grant per academic year (individual or group).

Travel grants also may be used for group travel – when three or more students from a given department are traveling to the same venue. The group travel fund must be submitted and should be completed by a faculty sponsor. The Undergraduate Research Program will make a single reimbursement, usually to the faculty sponsor, with the expectation that the funds will be distributed appropriately by that person.

Barring extenuating circumstances, students who receive travel funding from the Undergraduate Research Program are expected to submit an application to present at the Spring Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF).

Applications requesting travel grants should be submitted to Dr. Meredith Allison, Powell Building 108 or Campus Box 2345. Requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the planned trip.

Note: To receive any support from the Undergraduate Research Program, including being accepted to SURF, applicable approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) must be in place before any data collection from human subjects takes place. View the IRB website for more information about this requirement.

Reimbursement guidelines

Students may access granted funds by requesting a reimbursement. Reimbursement requests must be received in the Undergraduate Research Program promptly (check your notification email for dates).

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