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Updated: October 18, 2021

Survey Name Participants Jun Jul




Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Elon Asks! FY, TR     •
NCSI1 JR, SR       •     •
Commuter Habits Survey All Campus       •     •
AlcoholEdu Follow Up New Students 45 days after initial response
Fall Student Survey FY, RE     •
Mentoring Survey SO     •
Multifaith Survey  JR, SR     •
DLE2 UG, GR      •
SPOTS3 UG, GR      •    •
Residential Campus Plan TBD (TENT)
Athletics Survey TBD     •
NSSE4 FY, SR    •    •
Legend: UG=Undergraduate Students, FY=First Year, TR=Transfer, SO=Sophomores, JR=Juniors, SR=Seniors, GR=Graduate Students, RE=Students Living on Campus, FA=Faculty, ST=Staff

1: National Survey of College Internships, 2: Diverse Learning Environments, 3: Student Perceptions of Teaching, 4: National Survey of Student Engagement