• Click on the selection you would like to view and you will be taken into Elon’s visual analytic dashboards.
  • To view each page of the report, click on the section button in the top left corner.
    Screenshot of the SAS reporting dashboard page selection tool.
  •  If you wish to maximize any specific graph or chart,  you will need to click on the object, and then click on  the “maximize” button.
    Screenshot of the SAS maximize button


  • Admissions – New Students – First-Year, Transfers, Graduate Programs; Applied Admitted, and Enrolled; Demographics
  • Students – Enrollment Trends and Demographics
  • Graduation – Degrees Awarded, Honors, Graduation Rates – 4Yr, 5Yr, 6Yr, and Athletes
  • Faculty – Full-Time Headcount, Demographics, Rank and Salaries
  • Finance – Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Endowment