Resources for Students in Quarantine/Isolation:

Elon is committed to providing on-going support for students participating in a mandated period of quarantine. Below, we have outlined a number of important support processes designed to assist any student who may be asked to remain in a quarantine space.

For any questions that might arise during a period of quarantine, please email Our staff monitor this address between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday, and between noon and 2 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Access to Meals:

Students in quarantine may obtain meals in a variety of ways.  If you have any concerns about your ability to get meals while in quarantine, please let us know and we will assist you. Information for ordering to-go meals from dining services and other meal delivery options may be found here.

Access to Health Care:

Elon has partnered with TimelyCare to offer virtual health and wellbeing services and programs for students. TimelyCare gives students access to a provider for their medical and mental health needs, including acute, in the moment needs and on-going mental health support. The service provides access to 24/7 mental and medical virtual health care.

Accessing care is simple. Students can go to to register with their name and school email address. Once a student is registered they can then have visits from any web-enabled device – smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Students may also choose to contact Elon University Student Health Services at 336-278-7230 for guidance. Based on the specific circumstances, you may be able to submit questions via the Phoenix Health patient portal or schedule a phone appointment with a staff member in Student Health Services.

For any health emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Mail Delivery:

Mail Services is unable to deliver mail or packages directly to a student’s quarantine space.  However, students may authorize a friend to pick up their mail by doing the following:

Email and copy the friend who will be authorized to pick up the package.  In the email, state that you are providing permission for the individual copied to pick up your mail or package on your behalf.

Class Participation and Remote Learning:

Students in quarantine can continue to participate in classes while in quarantine.  Faculty are NOT notified directly but student’s quarantine status will show up on their roster in Ontrack.  Students should actively connect with each of their faculty to ensure they are keeping up with work.

Missed classes and work due to quarantine or other illness-related absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis between faculty members and students, per faculty discretion and policies set in course syllabi. University policies related to illness and missed class time, are also detailed in the Student Handbook and by academic schools. Individual faculty members may work with students to ensure course learning outcomes can be met, but without any expectation of hybrid instruction

If you currently receive academic accommodations through Disabilities Resources (336-278-6568), we recommend you contact Disability Resources to ensure you will still receive appropriate and reasonable accommodations.  Based on the circumstance involved, you may be asked to communicate proactively with your faculty about any additional needs that might arise based on the circumstances involved.

Staying Engaged and Active

While in quarantine, we encourage you to remain active and social. Here are some ideas for remaining engaged and active while in quarantine:

  • Continue to participate in classes.  Be active in your classes – communicate with faculty, maintain relationships with group mates, review materials and keep up with assignments.
  • Establish a schedule of calls and video-chats with friends and family.  Set up a regular online game or schedule regular check-ins with the people in your life.  This routine will help fight off boredom and keep you motivated.
  • Take walks or go for a short run.
After Hours Assistance:

For general concerns, email  If at any point you are in need of urgent assistance, please contact Campus Safety and Police at 336-278-5555.  A first-responder will be dispatched or you may be connected with the Administrator-on-Call.

Important Numbers:
Quarantine Support Team | email (9AM – 6:30 PM, including weekends) – for most concerns related to quarantine.
Administrator-on-Call | 336-278-5555 – for urgent issues arising outside of normal business hours, including weekends
Counselor-on-Call | 336-278-2222 (ask for “Counselor on Call”) – for crisis counseling, 24 hrs a day
Campus Safety | 336-278-5555 or 911 (for urgent emergencies), 24 hours a day

Additional Campus Services:

Most campus services are available remotely by calling directly or connecting with staff over email.   Below are a few services and their phone numbers for your convenience:

Quarantine Support Team |
Student Care and Outreach | 336-278-2700 |
Academic Advising | 336-278-6500 |
Learning Assistance | 336-278-6874 |
Residence Life | 336-278-7300 |
Truitt Center | 336-278-7729
Counseling Services | 336-278-7280