By the year 2020 Elon University and the Division of Student Life will each have completed their most ambitious strategic plans yet – The Elon Commitment and the 2015-2020 Student Life Plan. Below is a glimpse of the vision toward which Student Life will work to achieve in order to further advance and deepen the Elon experience for all students by 2020.

Major highlights from 2020 will include:

  • Faculty and staff engaging students outside of the classroom. These interactions will take
    place in residence halls, dining halls, sidewalks, athletic facilities, and student organizations.
    Students, faculty, and staff will participate in a seamless academic-social experience
    where traditional classroom lines are blurred and learning happens in both planned and
    spontaneous ways.
  • Students engaging in positive social experiences from early on in their collegiate career,
    actively pursuing healthy lifestyles and interpersonal relationships, and further developing
    their own sense of meaning, purpose, and personal spiritual engagement.
  • All students feeling part of the campus community, with a greater understanding of their
    own privilege and cultural identities, and a greater understanding and appreciation of
    intercultural differences.
  • Elon students having a strong civic identity and being prepared to lead positive changes in
    the world beyond the campus through challenging hands-on and theoretical experiences
    with leadership and service.
  • Elon students developing long lasting and meaningful mentoring relationships with their
    peers, upper-class students, and faculty and staff. These mentoring relationships will help
    students as they navigate between experiences and encounter transitions throughout their
    collegiate career.
  • A Division of Student Life made up of the highest caliber professionals, equipped and
    committed to serving students and working with our colleagues at Elon and other

The Division of Student Life cannot achieve this vision alone and will continue to work collaboratively with faculty and staff across the university to advance students’ academic, intellectual and social development, as well as the welfare of the institution. Elon is already recognized as a national model for student engagement and integrative learning. By building on its strengths to mentor students and engage them in meaningful and educationally purposeful activities outside the classroom, Student Life will advance its contributions to students’ holistic development.