“The Voice of Elon”

The Student Calling Program employs passionate Elon students who love connecting with alumni, parents and friends. From September through May, our students call for six important reasons:


  • To thank you for the impact of your past and future engagement.
  • To connect with you about your Elon experience.
  • To inform and answer your questions about campus events and news.
  • To encourage your support of campus programs and initiatives that ensure Elon remains a top-level institution.
  • To update your contact information so that we can stay in touch with you about important Elon news.
  • To give you an opportunity to change lives  by giving to your Alma Mater and provide opportunities to current and future students.

The 18-19 Student Calling Program (SCP) Team

The 2019-20 Student Calling Program raised $44,563 – a level of support that represents hundreds of scholarships, fellowships and alternative break experiences. None of these opportunities would be available without your support to the Elon Student Calling Program.

$44,563Total Raised

This year (2020-21), the Student Calling Program is adjusting plans to respond to social distancing measures in place for Elon’s Ready & Resilient Plan. We look forward to speaking with you about how to continue to be a partner, advocate and investor for Elon University! Thank you again for all of your support. Please consider making a gift to further support your roots, but also impact the lives and futures of Elon’s students. Elon counts on donors to provide and support meaningful educational experiences. Your generosity will always be appreciated and will help us make a lasting impact on the broader Elon community.