2017 Adventures in Leadership Staff

Student Coordinator

Lyn Nelson

Lyn NelsonHometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Favorite part of AIL: The energy everyone brings to the table
Favorite AIL memory: It’s impossible to choose just one. I’ll have to admit one year my friend fell out of a Class 1 rapid, and that’s just something I will never forget.
Do not forget: An open mind

I am a current junior majoring in Human Service Studies. I value working with individuals and communities, particularly in an outdoor setting. It’s amazing what the outdoors has to offer people from all kinds of backgrounds- just like many of us here at Elon. I look forward to seeing how Adventures in Leadership will impact the rest of your time here at Elon because it certainly shaped mine. There are so many things to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting! This will be my third time going up to West Virginia with Adventures in Leadership, and I look forward to sharing something so close to my heart with everyone around me. Get ready for a summer full of ADVENTURE.

Student Facilitators

Angela Kammen

Angela Kammen.Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Favorite part of AIL: Meeting so many new friends before coming to Elon and becoming super close with them
Favorite AIL memory: Floating/relaxing in the river in between rapids.
Do not forget: A water bottle!! And a good attitude of course

I am a rising sophomore and majoring in either strategic communications or public health! I love being outside and going on hikes pretty much anywhere. I am addicted to coffee and love dogs and pretty much all animals. I am very competitive so I love playing on teams with some friendly competition. I also love the show friends and have watched way too many Netflix series from start to finish. AIL was one of the best experiences I have from Elon so far and I met one of my best friends and many life long friends through the program. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Maggie Miniati

Maggie Miniati.Hometown: Barrington, RI
Favorite part of AIL: Bonding through challenging ourselves and the late night conversations in our tents.
Favorite AIL memory: White Water Rafting and swimming in between rapids
Do not forget: A towel and a willingness to try something new

I’m a rising sophomore majoring in strategic communications and minoring in leadership studies and business administration. I love being outside whether it’s doing something active or just setting up my hammock. The week with AIL introduced me to some of my closets friends and encouraged me to get involved on campus and make the most of my time at Elon. I can’t wait meet you all and to be involved with the positive experience of Adventures in Leadership again!

Chris Monde

Chris Monde.Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Favorite part of AIL: White-water rafting
Favorite AIL memory: Going down the wild rapids
Do not forget: Shoes you’re okay with getting wet. I ended up having to white-water raft in the same shoes I was planning on casually wearing which was not a good idea. Chaco’s would definitely be a great purchase in preparation for AIL.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m fortunate to be part of Elon’s class of 2020 and extremely excited to be a facilitator on Adventures in Leadership. I am currently undecided on a major, which isn’t too uncommon for first-year Elon students, and I am a huge sports guy. I play club soccer at Elon, but also love everything from baseball to golf to spikeball. I love music, specifically country, alternative, and hip-hip, although family and friends are what are most important to me.

Matthew Oertel

Matthew Oertel.Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Favorite part of AIL: Bonding with my group and making so many friends before even getting on campus.
Favorite AIL memory: Beat boxing with my tent-mates every night.
Do not forget: To leave your cool cap at home and come willing to have a good time and go out of your comfort zone.

Born in Oklahoma into a military family, I moved around a lot, including Ohio, Okinawa Japan and now Raleigh, NC. I plan on following in my dad’s footsteps and going into the Air Force. I love anything outdoors, and have hundreds of nights camping under my belt, and hiked more miles then I can count. AIL is perfect for those people who love being in the outdoors, but it’s also great if you’ve never been camping before.

Ben Piatt

Ben Piatt.Hometown: Elon, NC
Favorite Part of AIL: White water rafting and forming new friendships!
Favorite AIL Memory: Learning how to rock climb and acting like a tour guide on the New River.
Do not forget: Chaco’s. You may not know what they are, but order them now.

I am a class of ‘20 Media Analytics major and a Music Tech minor. I love to record as well as produce music and love to run, swim, and play basketball. Some people call me technologically savvy, however I also love the outdoors and all they have to offer. I am so thrilled to explore West Virginia with you all and develop a friendship with each and every one of you!

Nicole Roberts

Nicole Roberts.Hometown: York, PA
Favorite part of AIL: The whole entire thing, but if I had to choose it would definitely be going outside of my comfort zone and accomplishing things I never thought I could with amazing new friends!
Favorite AIL memory: Jammin’ to the hottest tracks and best throwbacks in the van.
Do not forget: Sunscreen x2—the sun is beautiful but also very hot, shoes to get wet, an open mind, and your fave reusable water bottle.

I’m a rising sophomore planning on majoring in something I love—but I’m still exploring! I love my family, friends, cats, my dog Sheila, goats, and AIL more than anything, (my uncle has four goats and I never stop talking about them). I’m deeply passionate about cupcakes, hiking, discovering new shows on Netflix, going on adventures with my friends, good music, and stimulating conversations. AIL was without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made. It introduced me to my best friends, new passions, a new me, and helped me transition to my new home. I’m counting the days until I get to meet all of you and spend the best week of the summer with you!

Jacob Stern

Jacob Stern.Hometown: Richmond, VA
Favorite Part of AIL: Rock Climbing
Favorite AIL Memory: Exploring different parts of where we were set up for the night before we had the best dinner of the trip!
Do not forget: Deodorant!

I am a class of 2020 Psychology major with a minor in Leadership Studies. I am quite the fan of comedies starring Will Ferrell and/or Steve Carell. Therefore, it is only reasonable that my favorite movie is Anchorman. Adventures in Leadership was the best decision I made coming into college, and I cannot wait for you to have an amazing experience.

Franky Storm

Franky Storm.Hometown: Boxford, MA
Favorite part of AIL: Meeting 40 new friends before classes even started
Favorite AIL memory: Sitting at a picnic table at night and watching the stars with a couple of really good people
Do not forget: A flashlight

I am a member of the class of 2020, double majoring in Political Science and Policy Studies with a minor in business administration. My hobbies include skiing, making and listening to music, reading, and lots of Netflix. If you see me out and about, I’m probably wearing off-white Chuck Taylor and a Polo hat. AIL was the best transition I could have asked for. Its facilitation of my college acclimation process cant be overstated. I was still feeling unsure about college come July, but after AIL I realized Elon was the place I belonged.

Faculty/Staff Advisors

Mark Enfield

Mark Enfield.Hometown: Grew up in Ada, OK. I’ve lived in NC since 2003 and now live in Greensboro, NC.
Favorite part of AIL: I’m excited to get to know more incoming Elon students. In the past I’ve met many leadership fellows and look forward to being part of this group.
Favorite AIL Memory: I’m looking forward to making memories.
Do not forget: A clip for your Water Bottle and a plastic bag for wet things.

I am an associate professor and teach Elementary Education, Core Curriculum courses, and study abroad (to Costa Rica).  I am developing other programs now. My interest is in science learning.  In particular, how does thinking scientifically help us understand the amazing world we live in.

Kaila Price

Kaila Price.Hometown: Coral Spring, FL
Favorite part of AIL: This will be my first AIL and I look forward to meeting incoming students and watching them learn new leadership skills and make new connections.

I am a Community Director with Residence Life and I oversee the Global Neighborhood on campus.  I love being outdoors and enjoy watching students develop their leadership through experiential activities and challenges.  I worked as a camp counselor in the mountains of North Georgia where I was able to experience many different outdoor opportunities and am excited to participate in new adventures with new Elon students!

Evan Small

Evan Small.Hometown: Burlington, NC
Favorite part of AIL: I love the First-Year Summer Experiences because they provide a great opportunity for students to meet each other and form a connection before arriving on campus in the fall.
Favorite AIL memory: Every year, my favorite part is the relationships I get to make with the students I meet.

I am the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning and Outdoor Adventure programs within Campus Recreation. I oversee AIL, Elon Outdoors, the Challenge Course, and other adventure-based programming. My main focus is experiential education programming for students at Elon and helping them make the most of their experience here, both in and out of the classroom.

Carol Smith

Carol Smith.Hometown: Originally from Andover, MA, but call Gibsonville, NC home now.
Favorite part of AIL: Getting to work with incoming students – seeing them learn more about themselves while in the out of doors.
Favorite AIL memory: It is hard to pick just one – this will be the eight consecutive year I have been lucky enough to mentor the AIL experience, and I have favorite moments from each year!  Getting to know the students ranks top each year!
Do not forget: Water Bottle, Sunscreen, positive attitude and maybe your pillow

I am an associate professor and teach Adventure Based Learning, Physical Education and Health Education, and study abroad (to New Zealand).  I grew up camping and being outside playing – not much has changed ?.   I am the program coordinator for the new Adventure Based Learning minor.