So you’re all psyched up and ready to go, but there’s one problem… what do you pack?!?! Well, here’s a list of things you will need compiled by your facilitators and previous participants. We suggest that you bring two bags, one duffel-like bag and one average-sized backpack. Make sure your backpack can fit one or two changes of clothes and any toiletries that you might need because for part of the trip, you will only have your backpack with you. Please avoid bringing large wheeled suitcases, if possible.

The Basics:

  • basic, everyday clothes (shorts, shirts, etc.)
  • bathing suit
  • sweatshirt
  • unlined windbreaker
  • hat/cap
  • bandanas
  • tevas/chacos (or sandals that strap on) or old tennis shoes to wear on the river (flip-flops are NOT allowed on the river!)
  • tennis shoes (the day hike is not difficult, athletic tennis shoes will be fine; they will get dirty so prepare accordingly)
  • shower shoes/sandals
  • wool socks
  • rain gear (there is always a chance of rain in the mountains)
  • “river” clothes (quick-dry T-shirts are preferred; please avoid wearing cotton on the river; mesh/water shorts)


(This is not a joke… you WILL have running water and stuff for showering!)

You know what you usually need, but please bring small (travel-size) bottles of supplies (remember, you only have one bag).

Be sure not to forget:

  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • towel (you might want an extra for the river)
  • deodorant
  • glasses/contacts & solution
  • prescribed medication (be sure to inform your facilitator of what you have)


  • waterproof camera
  • day pack
  • sleeping bag & pillow
  • tent and tarp (if possible)
  • trash bag for wet clothes
  • sunglasses (with safety strap for the rapids)
  • sun block (SPF 15+ please!)
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight
  • canteen/sports bottle/nalgene
  • extra money; some examples where you may need money would include but are not limited to:
    • souvenirs from the gift shop (group pictures are $15,  T-shirts are $20, videos are $10)
    • Meals are provided Sunday evening through Friday morning.  Therefore, you may require money for Sunday lunch and Friday dinner.
    • Miscellaneous expenses (snacks, forgotten toiletries, etc)
  • cell phone and/or ipod (cell phones are essential for traveling to the program, but students will have limited access to their phones during the trip. Ipods are optional, students enjoy on the car ride, but not essential and will be stored in a dry place for the week.)

Do NOT bring:

  • items stuffed with down (bad news if it gets wet!)
  • illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • weapons (camping knives are okay)
  • valuables (jewelry, etc.)

* Any participant found with weapons, drugs, and/or alcohol will be sent home immediately at parents’ expense.

If you have any questions or need clarification about why anything is on this list, please e-mail us.