Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor for the Elon Black Alumni Network’s Student Engagement And Development Mentorship Program. We are looking for dedicated mentors to match with 25 current juniors or seniors at Elon University. Matching will be based on either the career interests or desired living location of students (mentees). This is a virtual mentorship program so mentors should be prepared to use technology in order to communicate with mentee. The time commitment is approximately 3 -4 hours a month from January 2021 – May 2021. Please note that the time commitment estimate includes participating in the EBAN Mentorship Bootcamp Series with your mentee (1 – 1.5 hours each session) and communicating with your mentor and the EBAN SEAD Committee (~1 hour). Time will vary depending on the pair and the goal(s) established.

The objective of the EBAN mentorship program is to help students identify potential goals for their life after Elon. Goals could include applying for jobs/internships, putting together a portfolio of work for distribution, conducting informational interviews and more. As a mentor, you will serve as a guide and/or coach to provide insider information and advice in order to help the mentee achieve their post-graduation goals. This is a great opportunity for alumni to give back to Elon students, re-engage with other Elon alumni and further develop mentoring skills.

Program Structure

Selected alumni will be paired with a current Elon undergraduate student. We tend to have more alumni apply to become mentors than we have student mentees, so we base our pairings on the career interests of the students (mentee). If you are not selected as a mentor, there are other opportunities to engage students such as leading a session during the Mentorship Bootcamp Series and/or conducting informational interviews with students.

The first month of the program will consist of attending weekly virtual professional skill-building sessions, “Mentorship Bootcamp Series” with your mentee. After the Mentorship Bootcamp Series, your mentee will select a topic or professional goal to focus on with you from March – May.

While each mentor pair relationship will be unique, the basic participation requirements include:

  • Participation in weekly, real-time Mentorship Bootcamp Series (every Sunday starting January 24, 2021 through the end of February)
  • Communication with Mentee after the Mentorship Bootcamp Series (March-May)
  • Commitment to the mentoring relationship for at least 1 academic semester
  • Communicate with SEAD Committee Member to update about challenges and progress
  • Complete end of year program survey

The selection timeline is as follows:

  • Mentor Application Deadline December 5, 2020
  • Notification of Acceptance January 15, 2021
  • Notification of Pairing January 20, 2021