What are some highlights from the last 40 years?

After serving five years as Elon’s Director of Alumni and Parent relations (an amazing first job!), I took a career risk and went all in on what was an unproven technology at the time – mobile telecommunications. I left Elon for Raleigh to join a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, and we launched and successfully operated the Research Triangle region’s first commercial cellular telephone carrier network. My long career in the wireless industry included roles in corporate marketing and business development with Verizon and AT&T. Later, I shifted my marketing skill set to focus on innovative economic/community development initiatives in Durham and in Raleigh. Today’s generation of professionals are drawn to the urban live/work/play lifestyle and quality of life of our metro area, so today I’m devoting my time and talents pro bono to further expand downtown Raleigh’s economic and cultural ecosystem.

Who would you particularly like to see at the reunion (virtual and in-person)?

Unlike some of my classmates, I’ve returned for all but a few Elon Homecomings, so I’ve had the luxury to rekindle friendships and keep in touch with many who likewise come back year after year. Who would I like to see at the reunion? Rather than cite specific names, I’ll answer it this way… For me, it’s a blast when some forgotten college pal who hasn’t been back in many years shows up and we bump into each other on campus. That singular experience has been part of every single Elon Homecoming I’ve been to, and it never gets old. There are many fun pals in the Class of 1980 I’ve not seen since college days, so I look forward to experiencing a marked uptick of such encounters when we gather for our reunion weekend.

As far as faculty/staff goes… Vice President Emerita Dr. Jo Watts Williams taught many of us. I took her Psychology class in her final teaching semester. In my senior year, Jo (then Elon’s Director of Development) offered me a position on her staff. I consider Jo both my dear friend and professional mentor. She and I talk from time to time, yet it would be awesome to get in some face time with her at Homecoming.

What is your favorite Elon memory?

I have many fond memories of my four years as an Elon College undergrad – too many to cite. That said, my 4+ semesters living in Kappa Sig’s Neese House at a time when the film “Animal House” was the rage created some indelible recollections. Many of mine I wouldn’t dare retell in polite company. But this one is rated G…

Our fraternity house was across from the post office (where the town’s municipal building stands now). At the time, S. Williamson Ave. was the main drag into Elon, so you saw our house just before you crossed the tracks and encountered the Elon campus. For Move-In day one fall semester, we draped a big bed sheet banner from the top gutter that read, “Freshman ladies: register here ↓” More than a few family cars actually pulled into our driveway. The moms and dads were none too amused once our ruse became obvious. Yet their daughters made mental notes about us. Later that night, well after the parents had left for home, we threw one of our best parties of the semester.

What is something interesting that you want your classmates to know about you?

The very fact I’m even part of this graduation class is interesting. Few may recall how very close I came to flunking out after a disastrous first Elon semester. But after that, my name appeared on the Dean’s List for the next seven semesters. (Academics tend to suffer when one pledges a fraternity, but I clearly proved to be an outlier on that one.) I graduated with a ho-hum 2.83 GPA, and I never got over how just one bad semester ruined my overall college GPA. Maybe at the reunion, some classmate can explain how math works to this English major!