What are some highlights from the last 40 years?

  • Yikes! Lots of life’s ups and downs- but still enjoying the gifts an eventful life brings! After Elon, I worked at Wheat First Securities in finance & then VEPCO in Nuclear and Fossil Fuels, with tons of my Elon BUDS in Richmond, Va! Then, I moved back to my native NC and served as a Loan Officer with the State Employees Credit Union (WHAT A FABULOUS Organization). I lived in Raleigh then was transferred to Winston where I enjoyed Elon Wake games, married, and had three awesome daughters!
  • If you are a Winston Peep- you might remember that my mother in law (91 years old) married a 38 year old con artist….yep- as far as I know, the greatest age difference of a marriage in Volusia County, Florida….Now that’s a long story you will have to hear about later that included multiple adventures! I then moved to beautiful Rockbridge County in the Commonwealth of Virginia and eventually worked in School Improvement at the State level after earning a masters then an Ed. S in education.
  • I am now the Senior Coordinator, School Improvement in Norfolk, Va. My husband died unexpectantly- and I have now remarried. My new husband surprised me during COVID with a proposal and then 5 minutes later, a pre-planned wedding with the help of Katherine Gilliam Ruffin from Elon! VERY SHORT ENGAGMENT! Yes, there are too many other adventures to put here- just come to the reunion- and we will talk! I guarantee you I can relate to any situation you may be muddling through! Life is truly an action event!

Who would you particularly like to see at the reunion?

  • So many people have brought positivity into my life from previous Elon connections! All our Student Government peeps- how did I manage to understand Parliamentarian law? How about all of our 1981 Championship Football team and cheerleaders!! And…..thanks frat guys for all the parties back then- how have you fared? Some I know are still going strong…….Then of course my sweet Phi Mu sisters that have continually been there for me- and the classmates from all the years that are anywhere near 1981! Reidsville home town girls and guys that went to Elon….our Elon friends are truly forever.

How many (and/or) who of your classmates do you still keep in contact with today?

  • Lots and lots- sporadically sometimes, but I still need my Elon peeps!

What is your favorite Elon memory?

  • Business law class……giving a presentation about economics and I slipped and said something in my presentation that I probably should not have said…Or perhaps it was taking Statistics several times until I really had that down!!!!
  • Too many great memories of clubs, events, and just hanging out in the dorms…. with dynamic and loving Elon “Fighting Christians”!

What is something interesting that you want your classmates to know about you?

  • Woa- I think I already shared too much!