What are some highlights from the last 40 years?

  • My post Elon life starts with my amazing wife Sharon. Our 34 year marriage has been incredibly blessed.
  • We have two talented daughters that graduated from former Southern Conference rival Appalachian State University.
  • I’m from Durham originally, but lived in Raleigh for 26 years before moving back to Durham last year.
  • My professional career has always been in sales, the first 25 in Pharmaceutical/Hospital sales, and the last 10 in the insurance industry.

Who would you particularly like to see at the reunion (virtual and in-person)?

  • Anyone who wants to laugh and tell old stories. My closest friends were my fraternity brothers from Kappa Sigma as well as the friends I hung out with from the other frats and sororities.

How many (and/or) who of your classmates do you still keep in contact with today?

  • I actually keep in contact with many of my classmates.
  • I see Bobby Bryant and Terri Swain(Smith) regularly, Perry Black, Mike O’Brien, Carol Elliott(King) occasionally and many more on Facebook.
  • I feel like I see people more than I actually do. It’s always fun to see folks at Homecoming!

What is your favorite Elon memory?

  • KE, intramural sports, making friends, spring break

What is something interesting that you want your classmates to know about you?

  • I went to my first Duke Basketball game on my birthday in 1968. Duke played UNC that day. I have had Duke basketball season tickets since 1969. I have only missed 2 Duke-UNC games in Cameron since then.
  • Oh, and that amazing wife of 34 years I mentioned earlier, She is a UNC graduate. Makes for some difficult times.
  • One of the coolest memories was taking Bill Day, Keith Scott and Mosby Wiley Lawrence III to the Duke-UVA game in Cameron when Ralph Sampson was a freshman.