What are some highlights from the last 45 years?

I taught Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades at Greenfield Elementary for 34 years, then became a PALS Tutor for 9 years. I loved teaching and felt very prepared after my training at Elon in the Elementary Education program. I have been happily married for 43 years to Warren Smith, we met while at Elon! We have two wonderful children and one terrific grandson. We have remained active in our church and community.

Who would you particularly like to see at the reunion (virtual and in-person)?

I would enjoy seeing all of the classmates that were in our Christian Fellowship Group at Elon from ’72-’75, my friends from Civinettes and 2nd floor West Dorm.

How many (and/or) who of your classmates do you still keep in contact with today?

I have remained lifelong friends with Gail Amos Woolard, Anne Essic Barnes, Jo Ann Donald Foard, Alice Neal Oldham and Gordon Oldham. We were in each other’s weddings and we have gone on family vacations together every year since graduation! Our children call themselves Elon cousins! I also remain in touch with Ginny Johnson Eley, Robin Eley, Mort Ducker, Page Cassel Wright, Nan Martin Stinnette, Warren Miller, and many others on Facebook.

What is your favorite Elon memory?

Retreats with our Fellowship Group in Manteo each winter term and the year that we were snowed in and missed classes
Our retreat at Steve Hogan’s cabin at Hyco Lake and our Tuesday night Bible Studies
Eating at The Grill, Oak Grove Cafe, Huey’s BBQ and Pizzaville
Movies in and behind the Coffee House
Hanging out on 2nd floor of West Dorm
I met the best friends that I could ever have and my future husband at Elon!

What is something interesting that you want your classmates to know about you?

I enjoy visiting my mother and family on our family farm in Chatham, VA and I still love to laugh and talk with friends!