What are some highlights from the last 45 years?

Two score and five I walk across that stage at Elon with a diploma and a bible.The diploma is hanging over my desk at home and the bible is on the coffee table .When I left Elon, all my belongings were in my car and a lot of memories. I was blessed to have some great professors. There was Pro .Jeannie Council in accounting. Pro Latham in business alberga that finally made some scents .There was Dr. Anderson in economics, Pro Sullivan in Philosophy and Dr. Sloan who started my path with God. My career is divided into four parts. I started in Retail Management helped open Eastland mall in Charlotte. People like me for my service. Then I went into banking. People love me, I gave them money. I decided to switch careers to work for Mecklenburg County Tax Office. People hated me and I was the same person. At 57 I retired to become a starving actor once again that I studied in High School. I was the Town Crier at the Carolina Renaissance Festival for seven years .People enjoyed my act. I have three children and four grandchildren. I have been a widow twice ,both wives die of cancer. I have had a lot of ups and downs but I know one thing that God is in charge and I do not ask why. As I said Elon started my path with God, love for Jesus Christ and I am truly thankful.