Elon’s LGBTQIA alumni network includes the following committees:


Provides timely, relevant and meaningful multimedia content to current and future LGBTQIA alumni. In addition, the committee helps market the LGBTQIA alumni network at university and community events, assists with maintenance of the main website, and reports committee notes and information.

Homecoming & Special Events

Creates a safe and fun environment for LGBTQIA students, alumni, faculty, staff and their families during Elon’s Homecoming. Throughout the year, this committee also hosts or co-hosts special events including social, service and educational events for the community and their families.

Outreach & Networking

Creates a support system of Elon alumni, faculty and staff who offer guidance and opportunities for current students and alumni, primarily through a mentoring program for current students as well as networking and professional development opportunities. The group also works closely with the Student Professional Development Center to support the needs of LGBTQIA students, promotes active involvement on behalf of LGBTQIA alumni within the Elon Mentor Network, and advocates for current LGBTQIA faculty and staff to ensure they are having their needs met at Elon.

Awards & Recognition

Recognizes LGBTQIA alumni, faculty, staff and students who have made a significant contribution to the university and/or have made significant/historical contributions to LGBTQIA people and the overall society. The Awards & Recognition Committee will encourage alumni, faculty, staff and students to nominate people each year and select a class of awardees that will be comprised of three to five people.

Scholarship & Philanthropy

Develops recommendations regarding funds, programs and projects that the alumni network will officially support. The committee will collaborate with the communications committee to develop messages and campaigns that encourage giving as well as develop an annual plan for a long-term fundraising goal and a possible scholarship fund for the network.

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