Ways to contribute

Please consider joining members of the Elon Alumni Board in supporting this scholarship. Visit www.elon.edu/makeagift and:

  • Select the “Elon Student Scholarship” fund group
  • Under designation, select other
  • Type in “Elon Alumni Board Engagement Scholarship”

Founded in 2018 by members of the board, the Elon Alumni Board Engagement Scholarship will support promising first-year students with family members who also attended Elon. The selected students will have the talent and drive to attend Elon, but may lack the financial resources to do so.

Recipients of the scholarship will receive:

  • $4,500 in tuition assistance, renewable annually
  • A one-time grant of up to $2,000 to participate in one of the five Elon Experiences of global study, undergraduate research, service learning, internships or leadership
  • Opportunities to interact and network with current Elon Alumni Board members

Students are transformed when they explore and learn both in and out of the classroom. Through engaged learning, they build pillars of real life experience on the academic foundation of their classroom work. Along the way, they sharpen important skills like communication and problem solving, learn more about themselves and the world around them, and expand their professional networks. This contributes to a valuable education of the whole student and prepares them to become leaders the world needs.

The Elon Alumni Board Engagement Scholarship was founded in 2018 by the following alumni:

Christopher Bell ’92

Anne Frank Casey ’87 P’21

Charles Cooper ’01

Joyel Crawford ’97

Kathleen Niple Donohue ’05

Arthur Dornik ’92

Heather Middleton Ellersick ’99

Steven Ellington ’80

Peter Falcone ’04 

Kathryn Zach Fitts ’04

Richard Johnson ’87 P’17

Joyce Whittington Jordan ’86

Thomas Kremer ’00

Tracey Helton Lewis ’93 P’10

Joshua McIntosh ’97

Shannon Moody ’94

Kathie Sink Niven ’89

Kyriakos Pagonis ’99

Kelly O’Dare Provenzano ’92

Kathryn Frith Richardson ’91

Stephen Ross ’73

John Sadler ’81 P’19 P’20

Richard Salvatierra ’95

Brian Scales ’96

Walter “Cam” Tims ’00

Steven Walker ’93

Scott Warner ’97

Akilah Weaver ’00

Michelle Widemann ’00