Download Landscape Sign off Sheet.

Temporary Site Fences

  • 6′ chain link fence without a top rail
  • Nylon wind screen 90% blockage
  • Dark green or black color

Irrigation System

  • Toro parts, OSMAC radio control processor
  • Valve boxes and heads must be set to established grade

Sidewalk – Concrete

3000 psi, Light broom finish, 6′ wide minimum, 4″ thick.

Sidewalk – Brick w/ Rowlock

  • Pavers: Pine Hall “Elon Pathway Burn FR (Full Range)
  • Size: 2 1/4″x 4″ x 8″, Running bond perpendicular to traffic
  • Row lock: Pine Hall wire cut FR (Full Range) Modular 2 3/8″ x 3 5/8″ x 7 5/8″
  • Mortar: Type S, Setting bed: 1 1/2″ quarry rock dust. Mix sand with “Sandlock” sand additive at ratio 1:50 when slope is greater than 1%
  • Concrete sub-slab: 3000 psi, 4″ Thick

Plant Bed Preparation

  • Spray and remove unwanted plant material
  • Till soil 8″ minimum depth, remove debris/rocks
  • Amend soil with compost/lime as needed
  • Raise beds 8″ above grade for drainage
  • Bed edges to be 4″ deep sloping toward grass edge

Lawn preparation

  • Spray/remove unwanted plant material
  • Till soil 8″ min depth, remove rocks and debris
  • Finish grades to level for mowing, max 20% grade
  • Top soil to be placed 2″ min. for seed
  • Modify soil with organic matter, lime, starter fertilizer as needed
  • Sod to be 3/4″ thick soil mat min.

Grass Seed

Provided by Elon.


  • Prefer minimal maintenance variety, slow growing
  • Landscape Architect selections to be approved by Physical Plant