Campus Sustainability Week

Campus Sustainability Week takes place in the fall and is an opportunity for Elon students, faculty and staff to come together to examine their own habits as they relate to energy use. A key feature of the week is an energy reduction competition among campus residential neighborhoods.

Earth Week

Earth Week takes place each April.   It is an opportunity for Elon students, faculty and staff to examine their own habits as they relate to waste reduction. A key feature of this week includes a brief questionnaire to reflect upon individual waste habits.

Take the Pledge

Elon’s 8,150 member community can make a difference. As each community member commits to make as few as three positive changes, the collective impact will grow!

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Event Checklist

The Event Checklist provides tips and ideas for hosting a more sustainable event.

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Green Tips

These green tips offer opportunities to change your habits to better support people, planet and prosperity.

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Everyday choices are an important part of sustainability. This Ecological Footprint Calculator helps you understand how your lifestyle impacts sustainability on a global scale.

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