1.0 Purpose

To establish a guideline for communications within Change Management.

2.0 Scope

Identifies best practices for communications regarding Change Management.

3.0 Definitions

Change – The addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on Instructional & Campus Technologies systems and/or services.

Cherwell – An IT Service Management tool utilized by Instructional & Campus Technologies.

Request for Change – A broadly-defined term that describes the overall process of requesting a change. The Request for Change contains different components dependent on the nature and type of change discussed. Alternative terms are: change request or change form.

4.0 Guideline

Communication is at the core of change management. As such, it is important to understand that communication is necessary to help mitigate risk and complete required changes. All communications for change management should by managed by the Cherwell tool.

As part of submitting a Request for Change, a communication plan is required. It is the responsibility of the change owner to fulfill the communication plan and inform affected parties.

When a Request for Change is submitted, email notifications are sent to the Change Owner and the Change Advisory Board with information pertinent to the change, as well as appropriate approvals.

CAB members may respond to Change Requests via email, where the Change Owner will be notified via email of a new entry. It is the responsibility of the Change Owner to respond to new messages related to their change using the Email Button allowing them to directly email an individual or group from the Change Form.

If a Request for Change does not contain adequate information related to the change, it may be denied in order for it to be re-worked with more information. If a CAB member reviews a submitted change prior to the next CAB meeting and does not believe the Request for Change is sufficient, they may notify the Change Manager to expedite the denial for re-working before the CAB meeting.

5.0 References

Will contain links to other policies, standards, guidelines and/or procedures that impact, clarify, or implement this policy.

5.1 Policies

Change Management Policy

5.2 Standards

Cherwell Standard

Change Submission Standard

Impact Assessment Standard

5.2 Guidelines

Change Advisory Board Guideline

Communication Guideline

5.3 Procedures

Pre-Authorized Changes

Normal Changes

Emergency Change