1.0 Purpose

To establish a standard for change submissions and how they are processed in change management.

2.0 Scope

This standard applies to Pre-Authorized, Emergency, and Normal Changes under the Change Management Policy.

3.0 Definitions

Change Advisory Board (CAB) – A selected group of representatives from throughout Instructional & Campus Technologies that: exists to support the authorization and approval of changes; assists with the assessment and review of Change Requests; and provides guidance to the Change Manager.

Change Owner – The individual responsible for implementing and completing the change.

Emergency Change – Emergency Changes are implemented quickly to avoid major impact to business and/or to resolve a severe incident. Additionally, since they must be implemented as quickly as possible, emergency changes typically involve greater risk.

Emergency Change Advisory Board – A selected group of representatives comprised of ICT directors to provide approval on emergency changes.

Normal Change – A change that is neither pre-authorized nor emergency.

Pre-Authorized Change – A change to a service or infrastructure for which the approach is pre-authorized by the CAB, with an accepted and established procedure to provide a specific change requirement. Pre-authorized changes: have a defined trigger to initiate the request for change; well-known, documented, and proven; low-risk.

Request for Change – A broadly-defined term that describes the overall process of requesting a change. The Request for Change contains different components dependent on the nature and type of change discussed. Alternative terms are: change request or change form.

4.0 Standard

4.1 Emergency Changes

Emergency Changes must be filed within 24 hours of the emergency being identified by a member of the team owning the IT component. Emergency Changes will be assessed by ICT Directors with an accompanying approval process. Change owners will follow established departmental procedures in responding to emergencies. Following an emergency change, the Change Owner (or a representative from the Change Owner’s department) must attend the next Change Advisory Board meeting to discuss the change. Emergency Changes are subject to review at the discretion of the Change Advisory Board.

4.2 Normal Changes

Normal Changes must be submitted to the CAB for approval. Normal Changes should be submitted to the CAB by 1:00 pm on Tuesday for review the following Wednesday. If a normal change is submitted without appropriate time for the CAB to review and approve, normal changes will be denied.

4.3 Pre-Authorized Changes

Since Pre-Authorized Changes are well-defined and low-risk, they have been pre-authorized by the CAB and are not subject to approval. However, Pre-Authorized Changes must have a Request for Change filed before the change may take place. Pre-Authorized Change notifications will be sent to the CAB upon submission. In order to submit a Pre-Authorized Change Request, users must select the change from a series of controlled drop-down menus. If the selection is not available, users must submit the change as either emergency or normal, both of which are subject to approval.

Changes may be nominated for pre-authorization at any time during the year. Nominated changes will be discussed and evaluated by the CAB to determine if pre-authorization is appropriate.

5.0 References

Will contain links to other policies, standards, guidelines and/or procedures that impact, clarify, or implement this policy.

5.1 Policies

Change Management Policy

5.2 Standards

Cherwell Standard

Change Submission Standard

Impact Assessment Standard

5.2 Guidelines

Change Advisory Board Guideline

Communication Guideline

5.3 Procedures

Pre-Authorized Changes

Normal Changes

Emergency Change