1.0 Purpose

To establish a standard that Cherwell will be the central repository for requests for change and approvals.

2.0 Scope

This standard applies to the system used to file requests for change under the Change Management Policy.

3.0 Definitions

Cherwell – An IT Service Management tool utilized by Instructional & Campus Technologies.

Change Advisory Board (CAB) – A selected group of representatives from throughout Instructional & Campus Technologies that: exists to support the authorization and approval of changes; assists with the assessment and review of Change Requests; and provides guidance to the Change Manager.

Change Owner – The individual responsible for implementing and completing the change.

Normal Change – A change that is neither pre-authorized nor emergency.

Request for Change – A broadly-defined term that describes the overall process of requesting a change. The Request for Change contains different components dependent on the nature and type of change discussed. Alternative terms are: change request or change form.

4.0 Standard

Requests for Change must be submitted through Cherwell under the Change Request form. The forms utilized by Cherwell vary depending on the type of change (pre-authorized, emergency, or normal). Cherwell is configured to trigger appropriate approvals when required based on change type. Requests for Change in Cherwell will contain information about the Change Requestor, the Change Owner, and other information pertinent to the change including, but not limited to: communication plans, back out plans, priority, risk assessment, description, anticipated date and time ranges, and final disposition of the change. Further, Cherwell utilizes a Change Calendar where requests for change will be recorded to help identify and map when systems/services are undergoing change.

5.0 References

Will contain links to other policies, standards, guidelines and/or procedures that impact, clarify, or implement this policy.

5.1 Policies

Change Management Policy

5.2 Standards

Cherwell Standard

Change Submission Standard

Impact Assessment Standard

5.2 Guidelines

Change Advisory Board Guideline

Communication Guideline

5.3 Procedures

Pre-Authorized Changes

Normal Changes

Emergency Change