Definitions & Requirements

The Office of Information Technology (IT) uses the following standards to assist areas within the university with needs relative to the implementation, design or use of technology in the classrooms and administrative offices. In general, these standards are referenced and used by all IT staff, but also may be reviewed by other staff and faculty to ensure that utilized technologies meet these standards.

The following standards are currently pending approval.  More details coming soon.

Account Management Standards

Elon University network accounts provide access and accountability for University information resource usage. The creation, control, and monitoring of all network accounts is crucial to giving clients secure access to Elon University electronic resources. This standard is required to ensure optimal use of resources while maintaining network security.

Change Management Standards

To establish a process for planning and executing proposed changes across Information Technology to ensure that changes are made in a thoughtful way to minimize negative impact to services and customers.

E-Commerce Privacy Standards

Elon University takes privacy and data protection issues seriously.  We have designed this Privacy Policy to explain how we handle personally identifiable information collected from users of Elon University online commerce systems.

Firewall Security Standards

A firewall is part of an integrated security infrastructure. Elon utilizes other tools such as, but not limited to, regular software patches, logging, passwords, and anti-virus systems to complement its network security. This document specifies the requirements for firewall maintenance and implementation.

MAC Address Restrictions

Each different type of network device requires a different MAC layer. MAC addresses are also known as hardware addresses or physical addresses. This standard outlines the number of active MAC addresses permitted by each user.

Network Connection Standards

This standard is designed to protect the campus network and the ability of Elon community members to access it. These standards address connecting computers, servers or other devices to the University’s network and designed minimize the potential exposure to Elon University and our community from damages that could result from computers and servers that are not configured or maintained properly.

Network Server Standards

The purpose of this document is to establish standards for the base configuration of server equipment that is owned or operated by Elon University. Effective implementation of this standard will minimize unauthorized use of the University information technology network or other access to the University’s proprietary information and technology.

Password Standards

This standard outlines the requirements for password creation and use throughout Elon systems and applications.

Public Wireless Access Standards

The “Public Wireless” network is available to the public in order to meet temporary demands for wireless internet connectivity while visiting Elon University’s campus.

SSL Certificate Service Standards

This standard describes the use and requirements for SSL certificate use at Elon University

VPN Standards

Elon provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for connectivity to secure systems. This standard describes the use and requirements for VPN configuration and use at Elon University.