Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) is comprised of instructional technologists, academic consultants, multimedia specialists, and technology professionals who work to support faculty, staff, and students campus-wide.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Consult with faculty about technology integration into academics
  • Assist staff with projects using technology
  • Facilitate seminars and events that help others identify technology tools and enhance their technology skills
  • Provide technical “how-to” support for software and hardware
  • Support the use of Elon’s learning management system
  • Create multimedia course components and learning objects to support pedagogy and scholarship
  • Provide the management for and support of summer online courses
  • Innovate with new learning technologies
  • Provide the resources, tools, and support needed for the successful use of technology
  • Support the university community with events, audio and video production, and project management
  • Assist with the roll-out of new campus technologies

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