TLT Video Services

Different types of video projects are assigned to different sub-groups within Teaching and Learning Technologies. There will always be some overlap and a few grey areas, but this guide should help you find the best way to get in touch so we can start working on your video project.

Live Event Capture

Media Services is responsible for video capture of significant University events, including ceremonies, panels, lectures, and candidate presentations. These events often feature guest lecturers and field professionals whose expertise greatly benefits the Elon community, and the videos are regularly posted to Learning On Demand, Elon’s educational video site.

Request event support for live video.

Computer-Based Training

Training & Development can help with the creation of online training modules, including screencast video components.

Contact Tiffany Foster to get started with computer-based training videos.

Produced Video

Creative Services is here for substantially edited educational, informational, and promotional video content supporting University objectives, whether scripted or interview-based.

Contact Ted Morée to discuss produced video requests.

Note: Videos designed primarily to reach external audiences will be referred to University Communications.

Broadcast Production

Engineering supports live-streaming and multi-camera productions, including major University events, athletics, studio production in the School of Communications.

Contact Brent Smith with broadcast production inquiries.

Video Project Selection Criteria

The Teaching and Learning Technologies video production staff have established the following parameters to prioritize the projects we accept, so that we can best use our available resources while serving the entire University’s video production needs.


Topics of enduring interest will be given highest consideration, with the understanding that a video’s content should remain relevant for an extended period.


The produced video should be relevant to a significant portion of the University community. Interdepartmental collaborations are encouraged.


Preference will be given to projects demonstrating significant influence on scholarship within Elon and wider learning communities.

University Priority

Ideal video projects align with the University’s goals, initiatives, and strategic plan.

Create Your Own Video

Teaching and Learning Technologies can also pair you with appropriate resources should you choose to create your own video content.

Learn more about Video Production Requests.