Many people who have a concern about discrimination or harassment want assurances about confidentiality. Therefore, there are different ways to receive support with various levels of confidentiality. Below we have described the two main levels of confidentiality and have provided ways to report incidents of bias as well as the contact information for each type of report.

When a member of the Elon community makes a bias report (online, in person or otherwise) the victim will retain control over their identity being released to other parties, unless ordered to do so by a court subpoena or as mandated by Title IX in cases of gender-based violence and harassment. Any student who reports an act of violence will be advised of campus notification procedures including federal reporting guidelines.

Members of the community who report incidents of bias may have a variety of options for redress. From criminal prosecution, to campus judicial processes and community restorative justice options, the Office of Inclusive Community Development supports the agency of the targeted person in their preferred process in the aftermath of an incident of bias. They can choose to participate in any, all or none of the available options.

Making a Bias Report

When a member of the Elon community decides to make a bias report, there are several ways to do so. Below are the levels of privacy expectation with each reporting mechanism:

Public Record1

  • Law Enforcement/Medical Emergencies: 9-1-1
  • Campus Safety and Police
    • Phone: (336) 278-5555 (24/7)
    • Oaks Commons, 416 North Williamson Avenue, Elon, N.C. 27244
  • Elon Town Police
  • Burlington Police Department



1 A target may file initial reports with law enforcement without filing charges.

2 Every effort will be made in all reports and investigation to keep the identifying information of the individuals involved private.

3 There are some limits to this confidentiality – if a child was involved in the attempted or completed incident or if the target/survivor is currently at risk for harming themselves or others.