At Elon University there are many pathways to engage gender, whether it is through academic study, co-curricular involvement, or personal exploration and support of one’s identity. Gender@Elon is an important aspect of the University’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, and global engagement, which orients us to strive for academic excellence as well as learning to be responsible members of pluralistic and intersecting communities.

For those interested in intentionally incorporating gender into their academic studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies (WGSS) has been an interdisciplinary minor at Elon since 1989. Students have also spearheaded a multitude of efforts that incorporate gender issues through student organizations and initiatives, complimenting and enhancing their academic work. Additionally, there are resources on campus to assist those wanting to explore or learn more about gender identity through the Gender and LGBTQIA Center.

Further, in recognition of gender inequality, discrimination, and harassment and its impact on the well-being of our community members, Elon University has professional staff and resources dedicated to the prevention and response of gender-based violence.