If you have experienced gender-based violence, there are a number of resources available through Elon University. The Coordinator for Violence Response Felicia Cenca offers confidential support and resources for members of the Elon community. The Coordinator for Violence Response acts as a campus advocate for survivors of interpersonal violence. Visit R. N. Ellington Center on South Campus at 301 South O’Kelly Avenue to speak to the Coordinator for Violence Response in person or call during normal business hours to make an appointment. An advocate can tell you about health and counseling resources on and off campus, tell you about options for action and reporting and attend any appointments with you if you would like.

In addition to the Coordinator for Violence Response there is the 24/7 confidential support hotline Safeline (336-278-3333) for members of the Elon community who may be experiencing or who have experienced identity-based bias, discrimination or harassment or sexual violence, relationship violence or stalking. A confidential responder is available 24/7 to respond to survivors of interpersonal violence including sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. When the dispatcher answers your call they will ask for a number to reach you so that the confidential advocate can call you back. The advocates who respond to calls into Safeline are trained to give you confidential support and resources and support the choices you make.

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