2017 – 2018 SPARKS Peer Educators

Meet Your Peer Educators


Photo of Betsy Albritton

Betsy Albritton

Majors/Minors: Psychology Major with Leadership Studies and Statistics Minor

Year: Junior

Myers-Briggs: INTJ

Favorite SPARKS Event: My favorite event is Glowga, a collaboration with Campus Rec, because I love to see the Elon community come together and engage in self-care. It is powerful to see such a large group of students practicing yoga and prioritizing their mental and physical health.

Photo of Ari Denberg

Ari Denberg

Majors/Minors: Psychology and Public Health

Year: Sophomore

Myers-Briggs: ISFJ

Favorite SPARKS Event: Party Smart/Bat and Booze-y because I had a lot of fun planning and facilitating this event.

Photo of Ryan Wells

Ryan Wells

Majors/Minors: Policy Studies Major and Leadership Studies and Communications Minors

Year: Junior

Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ

Favorite SPARKS Event: STI Testing event last spring. The program promoted sex positivity and helped to break down the negative stigma surrounding STI testing.