The University Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAOD)

New Title and Appointments
Effective October 2019, the former Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs was changed to the Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs. The charge to the Council is to make recommendations to the Vice President for Student Life each year on ways to further a healthy social and intellectual climate by reducing the role of alcohol and other drugs in the student culture. The goal is to create a campus culture where students make wise choices that support their own success and that of others, and uphold their responsibilities as academic citizens of the Elon community. Toward these ends, the Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs will:

  • Develop and contribute to the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Campus Regulations biennial review.
  • Identify existing prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery programs for students; support ongoing assessment of these efforts; and make recommendations to improve outcomes.
  • Coordinate resources and communication among those responsible for alcohol and other drug programs.
  • Enhance community awareness of pertinent topics, trends, and resources; and engage faculty, staff, and students in ongoing efforts to support student health and well-being.

2020 – 2021 COAD Members

Whitney Gregory (Co-chair)
Assistant Dean of Students


Julie Lellis (Co-chair)
Faculty Fellow for Substance Education                                                                          Associate Professor of Communications

Callie Kelly
Coordinator of Student Wellness Programs                                                                      Campus Recreation and Wellness


Allison Agresti                                                                                                                  Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Counseling Services


Jennifer Carroll
Faculty Expert in Substance Use                                                                                        Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Erica Thomas                                                                                                                  Faculty Expert in Wellness                                                                                            Assistant Professor of Wellness


MarQuita Barker
Director of Residence Life                                                                                                Residence Life


Jenni Spangenberg
Director of Student Conduct                                                                                              Office of Student Conduct

Jordan King
Associate Director of Student Involvement                                                                      Student Involvement


Administrative Liaisons

Jana Lynn Patterson
Associate Vice President for Student Life / Dean of Students / Assistant Professor


Paul Miller
Assistant Provost for Communications and Operations / Professor of Exercise Science 




2017 -2018 Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs